Which Leash is Best

Which Leash is Best

Charlotte Scott Owner/Pet Sitter

Are you just as confused by all the choices of leashes out there today? From standard, retractable, harness, long lead, short lead, gentle lead, etc. How do you choose? What’s best for my dog. Well I think just like clothes are designed for all the different shapes and sizes of people, leashes are designed for different breeds and behaviors of dogs. Ideally you want to train your dog from a young age how to walk on a leash. They should always walk next to you at your pace. They should not be ahead of you. The reason for this is it allows them to think they are alpha. You should always try and maintain alpha with your dog. If you aren’t able to walk your dog on a leash without them pulling and walking next to you, you may want to consider hiring a trainer.

Let’s talk about the retractable leash. The WORST leash ever invented. This leash doesn’t allow for any control over your dog. It allows them to run way ahead of you, zig zagging around and having enough lead to pull it right out of your hand. This becomes very dangerous for your dog and you if your dog runs up to a person or another dog and attacks. Things we don’t really think of. Even if your dog is very friendly and loves other dogs doesn’t mean the dog it runs up to likes dogs. Not to mention most dogs are more aggressive on leash because they don’t feel they can protect themselves.

If you have a puller a harness or a gentle lead may be a good option for you. The gentle lead is not a good choice for your brachycephalic (shortened head) breeds. Because of their smooshed faces or short snouts, the gentle lead will not fit properly. Using a harness would be a better option for those breeds.

Some people use the choke or pinch collars. There is a debate on whether these are good options. Some people view them as cruel or inhuman. It’s a personal preference. As long as you are using them correctly and not causing a choking or shortness of breath sound out of your dog, then these are ok to use.

Dogs who have regular collars, chokers or pinch and pull can easily damage their tracheas by pulling so this is really important to get under control. Whatever kind of walker you have, make sure they are on a leash and fitted properly so you don’t have an escapee.

Happy Walking!!

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